Facials and Massages


Triple Crown Oxygen Facial*      60 minutes    $125    Discover the Ultimate Oxygen Facial used by Hollywood & Other Celebrities (Google it)  

This luxurious, holistic relaxing pure-Oxygen (not chemically synthesized oxygen) treatment INFUSES proteins, vitamins, anti-oxidants and moisture-rich hyaluronic serum into your skin via cooling, calming topical hyperbaric oxygen.  The result is unsurpassed hydration with increased luminosity, firmness, uplift with minimized lines and wrinkles.

Start with an aromatic touch to relax, then double cleanse,  ultrasonic exfoliation technology for glowing skin, light micro-current for skin resculpting, Signature Facial Touch Massage, Anti-Aging Mask (arm and hand massage) and a Detailed Oxygen Infusion of Hydrating Moisture Rich Vitamins, Proteins and Anti-oxidants into the skin.  Great for skin which has gone through physical or environmental changes.    All ages and skin types will benefit.  Fabulous for Special Events.

**For more info on "Why Oxygen Facials" Click here http://www.healthandbeautybydesign.massagetherapy.com/why-oxygen-facials or on Tab to the Right "Why Oxygen Facials"

Ultra-Sonic** Oxygen Express Facial        30 minutes     $60     (Quick Fix Facelift)  An express facial for all skin types; includes ultra-sonic exfoliation*, anti-aging enzyme mask, and hyperbaric vitamin/oxygen infusion.  Minimize discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles in an instant.  Revitalize and brighten your skin.  This is the perfect facial service before special events, between treatment or short on time.

Oxy-Sonic Facial           40 minutes     $100                                      A Finger Tip Natural Facelift using our Signature Facial Touch Massage with Accupressure Points and Customized Therapeutic Essential Oils.  Includes Cleanse,  Ultra-Sonic Exfoliation** with soft Microcurrent Technology for more glow and uplift,  plus a Lamina Seaweed Lift Mask (The Lamina Lift™ Mask uses an organic blend of EcoCert Seaweeds, Orange Water, Aloe Vera and natural botanicals to de-stress and refresh your skin for a more luminous complexion - fast).   Finish with a vitamin and anti-oxidant rich hyper-baric Oxygen infused serum.  

**(The ultrasonic technology uses sonic frequencies that create vibrations of up to 28,000 cycles per second to loosen and remove oil, dirt and cellular debris from the pores. It is the new generation of microdermabrasion or what is being called soft peeling. It is safe and gentle with no downtime. Better for your skin than microdermabrasion which causes inflammation which, in turn, causes aging)

MASSAGES & COMBO's        

 Spa Bliss Combo           60 minutes             $125

Spa Nirvana Sampler      90 minutes            $195

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AromaTouch Massage Treatment      30 Minutes   $50  

A TECHNIQUE.  THIS IS NOT YOUR TRADITIONAL MASSAGE; IT'S AN AMAZING TECHNIQUE.     Melt Stress, Increase Immune System, Reduce Pain and Create a Sense of Well-BeingThe 8 Therapeutic Essential Oils and Blends being used are the Highest Quality.  The use of essential oils has grown in popularity and is being incorporated in healthcare practices as well as spas throughout the world.   Your mind and body will relax, restore and renew in a with aromatic scents.  Skilled hands work to detox and cleanse the body with soothing massage strokes on your back and feet using 8 Certified Pure Therapeutic Oils.  Applying these oils with this revolutionary Technique has been shown to help enhance and stimulate known body meridian and energy zones while balancing body systems and function.   (info on AromaTouch Tab)

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage  60 Minutes     $75  

Aromatherapy is the ancient science of healing, relaxing and energizing.   This is a Swedish-style Relaxation massage using your personal choice of essential oils.  The massage relies on gentle to firm pressure applied to the body in long rolling strokes to promote ultimate relaxation and wellness.  We use only Organic Massage Lotion and Certified Pure Therapeutic Essentials Oils (as pure as you can get).      OR  60 Minute HOT STONE Relaxation MASSAGE WITH AROMATHERAPY  $95

Head To Toe Nirvana   75 Minutes    $180

75 minutes of Bliss that includes a relaxing Hot Stone Massage with therapeutic essential oils & organic lotions, an Ultra-Sonic Anti-Aging Facial with Enzyme Mask to minimize lines; Moisturizer Uplift with BT Microcurrent; followed by hydrating Oxygen Mist to give you that special glow plus an Aromatic Foot Treatment to invigorate tired feet.

 Add On’s

10-Minute Vitamin Rich Oxygen Infusion  $30

20-Minute Vitamin Rich Oxygen Infusion  $55

Enzyme Mask (Pumpkin or Cranberry)  $20

Ultra-Sonic Hand Treatment $25 (facelift for hands -includes scrub, exfoliation, mask and infused moisturizer)

*Aromatouch Hand or Foot Treatment ** $20       **This is a condensed version of the AromaTouch Massage Technique. The hand/foot is one of the three locations on the body that contain a complete visceral (organ) system. Those receiving AromaTouch Hand Technique will receive whole body benefits and the beneficial attributes of the essential oils used will be able to reach all areas of the body. -- This massage is meant to address a variety of concerns: stress, anxiety, tension, discomfort, and a sense of peaceful calm effect.





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